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Steel wire rope rarely works by itself and is often accompanied by a series of fittings for the rope to work in a larger connection. We stock a wide range of fittings, to ensure that you can group your wire rope procurement needs in one place.

Denwire 434


Wire rope grips DIN 741
Wire rope grips DIN 1142
Simplex and duplex grips
Stainless steel grips
Aluminium ferrules
Copper ferrules
Stainless steel ferrules

Various fittings:

Carbine hooks
Dee shackles – alloy, commercial, stainless steel
Bow shackles – alloy, commercial, stainless steel
Thimbles – all specifications
Rigging screws
Open body straining screws
Eyebolts – all specifications
Eyenuts – all specifications
(All above and more)

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